Wednesday, November 12, 2008

4 Social sites that pays you!

It is getting to be a big thing for social sites that pays! Right now I actually belong to 4 sites total! The highest paying site I have found is 6Degrees!

It pays on 3 levels deep! $4 for 1st level, $3 for 2nd level, and $2 for 3rd level! You can also make monthly residuals too! Plus it's Free to sign up!

You can watch my video I made about it. The video will explain everything on how it works! You can make a good deal more money with 6Degrees then you can with cash clicker! After you watch the video click on my banner to sign up!

Another social site that pays is:

Cash Clicker is just like yuwie but pays $1.00 for every 1000 page views.
Plus you get $10 bonus for getting 10 sign ups in 1 month.. You get $100
bonus for getting 100 sign ups in 1 month!

Another social site that pays it Mobzit! It is a fun site that is set towards Youtube,
and music. You can easily upload Youtube videos and songs so it is media rich!
The way that this site pays is you get points each time you send a comment, send a message, rate a pic and etc. This is a site that you can have your teenagers join up to and actually make you some money. Click on the banner and join today and start making more easy money!

The last Social Site that pays is called Yuwie! They are very similar to but they pay less! But they have it set up so that it is real easy to add friends, and there are over 700,000 members on Yuwie.. So it's not hard to add friends and get lots of comments, and etc.. Here is the link for Yuwie:

Of course you can join all 4 sites and turn them into a full time income! Remember that all are Free to Join and they actually pay you for a change!!

This is a update with proof of payment for 6Degrees the highest paying social site out there!

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